NFL: Can money buy you wins?

NFL annual Salaries chart

Ever wonder if money could really buy you wins?

Okay, so let's compare the median annual salaries for players of all 32 NFL teams, noting the winning teams of the past 15 years, too see if we can find any obvious correlation between winning and salaries...

The Bills haven't been spending much as of recent; maybe there is something to say about having deep pockets in the NFL. Maybe there is even more to say about having a solid defense (see BAL) or an elite Quarterback (see NE) - let's see.

Although the average NFL player makes over $1,980,000 per year - this number is greatly affected but the superstars of the world who make over 10-20x what the average player makes. Let’s look at the median annual salaries to adjust for these outliers - this brings the average salary down to $731,000!

60% (9 out of 15) of the teams that have won the Vince Lombardi Trophy over the course of the last decade have been paying their players less then league average - interesting! Maybe the Bills have the right strategy after all!

Maybe it isn't necessary to splurge to the nth degree. It seems more economical/ beneficial to pay decent money, in combination with assembling an all-round team that can get the job done - no need to pull a New York Yankees!

More articles pertaining to the Finance of Professional Sports to come...

Enjoy Super Bowl XLIX next Sunday everyone!


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